Lord's Bountiful Blessing

Praise the Lord for blessing the Gresham Corps with a lot of food. I've been picking up two pallets of food each day from our Adult Rehabilitation Center for our Family Services. Praise God for giving us the space to store these food. We are looking forward to using these food to supplement our food pantry and to get boxes ready for Christmas.

Monday Munch Ministry

Praise the Lord for His wonderful provision for our Monday Munch Ministry. Today is our fourth Monday to do this and so far, its been a blessing. 
The Salvation Army Moore's Street Corps has many volunteers who come on Mondays and make about a thousand lunch bags which include PB&J sandwiches, fruit bar, and a fruit to be given to those in need. 
TVC and Gresham usually get 100 bags each to be distributed. Thanks to D-Deb, Melissa and Donna. 

Estacada Fire

There has been many stories of how the Salvation Army in the Cascade Division has been helping folks during the Oregon Fire crisis.  Many people have lost their homes to this devastating situation.  The smoke from these fires has been overwhelming during this period. Praise the Lord for rain!  It has cleared our skies here in the Multnomah County.  I had the pleasure of helping with both the Salvation Army work in Clackamas Town Center, where we serve the evacuees, and at Estacada Cazadero Steakhouse parking lot, where we did our food distribution drive-through. Praise the Lord for all the volunteers and resources!  I was very touched by our volunteers in how hard they work, even soaking wet and serving! The following Salvation Army stats is for the whole State of Oregon.  
Meals Served: 30,436Snacks: 33,607Drinks: 31,299Home Delivered Meals: 18,803Food Boxes: 3,448Emotional & Spiritual Care: 2,874Lodging at Salvation Army Facilities: 583

Finally Back Inside

Today, we finally went inside for our church worship service. About 11 regular church goers didn't make it due to the covid19  concern. 
Our message was about our God, whose introductory name in the Bible was Elohim. After church, I got to meet three women (Sonny, Christine, Ellie) and who came with Matthew. Mathew is a new comer and has been inviting many to visit. His church that he attended hasn't started services due to covid19. I also met Richard and Joachin. Joachin has a beauty shop and Richard is a metal fabricator.  After our service, we went home,  changed and went to the Cart Court in Happy Valley to eat lunch for our "Grandparents day." We went home and took a nap. Afterwards, we went with the girls for some yogurt. Their first day of school starts tomorrow. 

Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Inspection Day

We started today as an inspection day - inspecting all of our non-perishable food boxes to make sure everything was cleaned and proper.  
We took all the boxes - each one weights about 30 pounds it seems, and inspected them at our basketball court. All hands on deck and we completed our project in a couple of hours. 
We took our girls to Giuseppe's for a treat......well what can I say, they had big portions and we had it for dinner too. 
My wife and I went to DHQ and met with Lisa, who gave us the key for our bus. We dropped off our bus to camp. Wow! What a day! After a week, Praise the Lord that we saw the blue sky back today. Praise the Lord for really helped with our Oregon fire!

Farewell Dr. Maxine

We had a wonderful (bitter sweet) farewell for Dr. Maxine today. Tomorrow will be her official last day. Thanks to Anna and Marcia for getting things prepared for this. My wife got the cake and I bbq some burgers and hotdogs. Everything just came together. 
I shared Proverbs 31: 25-26 about Dr. Maxine. Praise the Lord for her being a wonderful role-model for Christ at the Family Services. 
She heads to Good News Clinic as their Executive Director.

Clackamas Fire Help

When people started to escape the fire, many came in their RVs to Clackamas Town Center. Clackamas TownCenter is a mall, which is located right across the street from our Cascade Divisional Headquarters. What a blessing for the Salvation Army to start ministering to these evacuees, majority in their RVs and some with their tents. It started out as a couple of tables with food and coffee, and then it turned into a mini-one stop for food and supplies. Thank you to the many people who gave donation to be distributed to those in need. More tables had to be brought in, volunteers to help sort and distribute these items, and to look after these donation overnight. Some other organizations started to join the circle. There was a food truck, the Rotary Club of Clackamas, a nursing station - I think, and of course, our very own tent with hotmeals and supplies. Everything had to be organized and eventually moved to an area nearby so that a drive-through food distribution can be est…